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Ultimate Skype module
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Version: 1.0 Compatibility compat_15_native
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Through this module is possible to create a Skype button exactly with all the possibilities that provides the official service Skype.
You can choose the type of button, the size, style, the color and make visible or not the online status. You can also define the action (call, Chat, sending files, etc.)of button.
The functionality that makes this module unique which allows you to insert a text, with full support of html tags, and insert inside the module Skype's button simply inserting in the text the pseudocode {skypeme}

Available in English and Italian


  • <h2>Se avete bisogno di supporto contattate il nostro operatore
    disponibile su skype cliccando sul bottone qui sotto</h2>{skypeme}
  • <p><strong>Contatto Skype</strong><br>
    <p><strong>Lunedì / Venerdì</strong><br>
    ore 9 -13<br>ore 16 - 20</p>
    <p><strong>Chiama</strong> per qualunque<br>esigenza di tipo pubblicitario!<br>
    <strong>Siamo a tua disposizione</strong><br>per consigliarti ed aiutarti!</p>
For the proper functioning of the module is necessary to set up, through the application Skype installed on PC, the possibility to show the online status
To do this, make this changes
  • Tools
  • Options
  • Privacy
  • Check box "Allow to show my state on the web" (or something like that)

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admin front

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avatar Dirk Albrodt
I just downloaded ypour module, thank you very much. Now I am trying to get it running, but the button shows always, that I am offline - while I am online. What can I do?
Best wishes
avatar Mattia -
Hi and thank you for purchase,
for your problem check that in your skype (application on your pc) under privacy setting you have agreed to display status on web.

avatar Steve
Will this work in Joomla 1.0?

avatar Mattia -
no is compatible ONLY with Joomla 1.5.x
avatar Tormod
Hi, i have the same problem as the posting above, i cannot see myself online. I have checked the "show on internet" setting in skype. This has worked before, but i suspect it stopped when i upgraded to the latest skype version.
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